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More than words, our clients and our projects speak for themselves

Since 2004 we undertake computer projects in the private and public sector with ERP and CRM systems. We are trusted by (established and growing) companies active in the commercial and industrial sector, in the catering industry, small and large hotel units, logistics and transport companies.


We cover every need of our customers concerning mobile devices and applications, by developing and implementing applications for mobiles and tablets, inventory systems and ex-van. We also cover the retail and intensive retail segment, specializing in POS systems, weighing machines and cash registers.


We offer solutions for ordering, distribution monitoring, vehicle fleet management, as well as reservation/appointment systems, covering the needs of our customers for verticalization and automation of their operations.


We create and undertake the hosting of websites and e-shops so that our customers enjoy the best possible internet presence.


Our experience in designing and supporting networks, server rooms, modern IP call centers, has established us as one of the foremost experts in the field.


Finally we specialize in offering the ideal hardware solutions for all our projects, while we offer after sales support on site or remotely, at the speed that the modern professional needs.