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Whatever your need is, we can fulfill it through a wide array of services


Software is the core of your computer system and a key factor that affects your efficiency. Datum is by your side to offer computer solutions in collaboration with leading software companies.

Datum is a Premium Partner of SOFTONE, and has the know-how to fully support ERP Soft1 Series 5. Soft1 Series 5 fills the gap between computers, smart devices and the internet, offering powerful functionality and a unified intuitive user experience, through any device. It is an intelligent ERP system that understands the user and his actions, interactions and real needs. Soft1 Series 5 was designed with the user in mind, creating a new way to simplify its daily activities. In addition, it contains a number of innovative technologies and features that optimize the operation of Soft1 in the cloud, laying the foundations for a more flexible, smart and economical business model.

In the field of purely cloud electronic invoicing we cooperate with PROSVASIS. With competitive benefit packages, Prosvasis has established itself in e-invoicing for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for self-employed professionals. In addition to issuing invoices and transmitting them, Prosvasis offers the ability to connect to the Skroutz Marketplace, so that the user can make sales through Skroutz without having an e-shop, it provides warehouse management, it offers innovative reporting capabilities and complete CRM to effectively manage your tasks and appointments. And all this from any device, wherever you are.

For our complete series of applications for restaurants and hotels, we collaborate with SUNSOFT, the leader of wireless ordering. With Sunsoft and the fully flexible Ambrosia platform, we are able to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of restaurants that operate at an intensive pace and handle dozens of orders. We help our customers stand out and become leaders of their market by facilitating the impeccable service of their customers and offering immediate and perfect coverage of the needs of their business.

Our specialty is to install and support the above applications but also create custom solutions for all your needs. We have the know-how to develop and implement applications for mobiles and tablets, as well as inventory systems and ex-van.

In addition we offer distribution monitoring solutions, vehicle fleet management, as well as reservation/appointment systems, covering the needs of our customers for verticalization and automation of their operations.

Procurement of equipment is often a demanding process, as it requires knowledge of the users’ needs as well as the requirements of their software.

Datum specializes in offering the ideal hardware solutions. Knowing that each project has its own peculiarities, we work with our clients to conclude on their current and future equipment requirements with our experience.

Then we carefully choose the solution that will meet the needs of the project by offering solutions from leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo on PCs, laptops, servers, workstations and monitors.

Of course, for more demanding installations, we have the know-how to build Built To Order (BTO) solutions and upgrade the customer’s existing equipment, at our facilities or on site.

Through partnerships with reputable manufacturers, we can offer equipment for your every digital need beyond the supply of a computer. Each of our areas of specialization is covered by products from the largest producers.

POS systems (Proline, ICS), server racks (KRONE) as well as cabling, computer peripherals (printers, multifunction machines, UPS, NAS, external storage), wired and wireless networking (Ubiquiti, MicroTik, TP Link, D-Link), monitoring and recording systems (Hikvision, Vivotek, Dahua), VoIP call centers (Grandstream, Openvox, Yealink).



Web services

For us, the creation, construction and development of your website is a project that requires special approach. Your website is your presentation to existing and potential customers and we make sure it is representative of your image and also perfect both technically and aesthetically.

We undertake the whole process from the registration of your domain name to the hosting of your page on fast and reliable private servers. We specialize in corporate presentation sites and in the creation of e-shops or online catalogs.

Given that your website is often the first contact with the customer, we take care to incorporate in it the most modern content display techniques. We choose with you the visual theme that will drive results, always based on the type of your business. We undertake the support of each visual theme, both in terms of appearance and in the critical issue of security.

We provide the potentiality of multilingual pages with custom translations where needed, in order to address the widest possible clientele. We undertake the connection with Skroutz or Best Price so that you can increase your sales through price comparison sites. We connect your e-shop with the bank of your choice so that your customers can make their payments online.

We automate the communication with your customers with the integration of order tracking and we offer the possibility of different discounts per group of customers, accessibility for people with disabilities and GDPR compliance.

And of course we recognize your need to integrate all your other communication channels with your customers and we connect the social media you maintain with your website, creating a unified communication channel. As part of the integrated communication with your customers, we offer the newsletter management application which gives the possibility of collecting customer emails and sending informative newsletters.

We are by your side in all phases of the implementation of your project with integrated services and benefits. We approach every project, regardless of its size, with know-how and dedication to your needs. We have extensive experience in the fields of networking (wireless and wired), server management, as well as in the fields of communication and security. And of course we are by your side even after the sale or completion of the project with innovative, integrated after sales services and technical support.

  • We install new networks and maintain existing ones.
  • We have experience in installing rack servers, server rooms.
  • We offer backup solutions for servers.
  • We undertake the design and installation of WiFi hotspots for shared or corporate use. We imprint the space, we do a radio coverage study and supply and install the necessary equipment for the operation of the hotspot.
  • We install structured cabling for data and voice transfer.
  • We undertake the installation and configuration of modern Voip call centers for you to enjoy economical (even free) calls, flexibility, compatibility with many devices and many other digital amenities.
  • Study and coverage of your space (indoor and outdoor) with monitoring systems and digital recording of the latest technology. The possibility of remote control and monitoring is also provided.
  • We offer solutions for people counting and social distancing.
  • Support for computers, tablets and mobile phones, such as repair, upgrade, virus removal and data recovery.
  • On-site support, at your place.
  • Technical support by phone.
  • Support via remote access to your system.
  • Check and repair security vulnerabilities in your network.
  • Maintenance of networks and devices (computers, peripherals, software installation).